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We are expecting puppies from VGP-tested parents at the end of February

 Audrey vom Bischdorfer See  
Frodo vom Kiekeberg

Litter announcement

Click here for the pedigree of the A-litter vom Eulobenkopf

We are happy

Today on 15.01.2024 the pregnancy was confirmed by ultrasound.

The parents

Audrey vom Bischdorfer See

A1, v/sg=v, rgr 62 cm
WG 2, WF 1
VJP 68, spl, sil, VJP 70, spl, sil, 
HZP 175
VGP 334/ I P ÜF 
Suchensieger Landesgruppe Hessen 2022
 Btr, HN 

Frodo vom Kiekeberg

A1, v/v=v1, drgr 69 cm
Zuchtschausieger Niedersachen 2023 
WG 1, WF 1
VJP 74, spl, sil 
HZP 179
VGP 299/ 3 P ÜF, HN

Audrey obeys very well and always wants to do everything correctly. She barks loudly when hunting. She is uncompromising on predators and works intelligently on wild boar.  

Audrey is a typical sized bitch with a strong bone structure and a pronounced head. She moves very quickly and agilely and enjoys exercise. 

She is a very obedient and docile Weimaraner bitch. 

In the field she searches persistently and with great pleasure. In water, she is particularly used to running water. 

Audrey picks up drags immediately and works them accurately with a very pronounced will to find. She keeps her nose to the ground when working, is very quick and retrieves happily and correctly with the proper grip.

Frodo is a beautiful, well-formed large Weimaraner male. He was therefore rightly crowned winner of the Lower Saxony 2023 breeding show. He actively supports his handler in hunting on approx. 1000 ha of mouflon and wild boar in Thuringia.

He is a calm, balanced, yet very passionate hunting dog. His will to work and find is very pronounced.

He barks loudly when hunting. 

He enjoys water work and shows his passion here too. 

He comes from a well-known kennel that has already produced many high-performing Weimaraners.

Frodo is a social dog who has daily contact with a wide variety of people and children

Weimaraner vom Eulobenkopf

If you are interested, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.
Of course I only give my Weimaraner puppies to active hunters. 
 Naturally it is primarily important for every hunter that his hunting dog performs well on the hunt and is a socially acceptable family dog and companion at home.
However, tests provide the breeder with a basis for further breeding planning.
Because if the hunting dog continues to perform well under stress during tests, there is a certain degree of comparability and this allows conclusions to be drawn about its disposition and breeding line. 
Not only the breeder has advantages, but also the dog owner can prove the usefulness of his hunting dog as required by the federal states.
I would be delighted if you would like to take up the challenge.